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Saw Chain guide bars for...

Falling & Bucking




Firewood Processing



Slab Milling


Bundle Cutting


Professional Heavy Duty Falling and Bucking Bars

Superbar Duralite

Reduced Weight Professional Heavy Duty Falling and Bucking Bars

Supermini Bars

Specifically designed for Narrow Kerf Chain used on small saws less than 65 cc

Pruning/Arborist Bars

Uniquely designed for powered pole pruners used for pruning fruit, nut and ornamental trees

Mounting Bars

Drive Chain Guide Bars for Log Wizards and Other Chainsaw Driven Attachments

Carpenter Bars

Pro User Carpentry Bar for plunge cuts, level cuts and miter cuts

Firewood Processing Bars

Hard Nose and Sprocket Nose Bars for Automated Firewood Processing Machines

Rescue Bars

Bars for Venting and Rescue Saws
For applications from wood carving to log home building Small Nose Cobalt tipped bars for carving and fine detail cutting

Competition Bars

Hotsaw Fat Belly Racing Bars “The racing bar of champions”

Adaptor Plates

use the same bar on many different saw makes

Double Ended Milling Bars

Double ended bars for Chainsaw Powered Lumber Mills

Package Cutting Bars

Double Ended Bars for Packaging and Bundle Cutting Saws such as L-M and Holtec

Harvester 750

For Mechanized Log Harvesting and Processing

Harvester 404

For Mechanized Log Harvesting and Processing

Slashing Bars

Double Ended Bars for Mechanized Cutting
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About cannon

Since 1955, Cannon has been dedicated to manufacturing “The Best Bar – Bar None!”®

Cannon Bar Works provides bars to the forest industry in the United States Pacific Northwest and Western Canada where only the highest quality bar stands a chance of longevity.

Cannon has prospered in a competitive world of mass-production bars. Cannon’s objective has always been to provide customers with the highest quality chainsaw bars at the fairest possible price.

Why Cannon


Every Cannon bar is individually made by skilled craftsman.


All Cannon bars are put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging.


The old age “You get what you pay for” certainly pertains to Cannon bars.