Accessory package for F2 original saw carriage


The original saw carriage that comes with the Logosol F2 is completely newly developed. The sliding rails are adjustable in all directions to give perfect fit and glide on the guide rail. The saw carriage can be upgraded for more comfortable sawing and higher precision when making wide cuts.

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The accessory package includes a vibration-damping feeding crank, and bar nose steering for 50 cm and 63 cm guide bars.

Water cooling is available as an optional attachment. It extends the life of the guide bar and helps the chain stay sharp longer. Perfect when you are sawing dry timber or hardwood.

Tip! The F2 saw carriage is compatible with all older Logosol sawmills.


Log diameter: Up to 60 cm, with the possibility of sawing even larger logs
Log length: 3.8 m as standard, but the sawmill can be extended to any length
Weight: 52 kg without saw unit
Length: 4 m
Width: 0.7 m
Accessories: The sawmill can be extended when required.


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