F2+ Chain Sawmill (6 m) with one extra log bed


Now we can introduce a new, bigger version of the best chain sawmill in the world. The F2+ is an F2 on steroids! This sawmill is sturdier, heavier and meets the demands of customers who want an extra-robust sawmill for sawing large logs. All essential parts of the sawmill are oversized to stand up to the stress of heavy logs, and to create the space needed for bigger logs, the log beds have been extended with fully 20 cm. Even though the F2+ is bigger and a bit heavier than the F2, it has become even easier to handle due to a completely new feature that makes it possible to detach the log lifters while keeping the whole guide rail intact and aligned. It has never been easier to store, transport and set up a heavy-duty sawmill for oversized logs!

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Weight: 65 kg
Length: 4, 5 or 6 metres as standard, but it can be extended to the desired length.
Width: 0,92 m
Height: 1,08 m
Log-loading height: 0,6 m
Distance between log lifters: 1 or 2 metres

Log diameter: Up to 70 cm with the possibility of cutting even larger logs when required.

Log length: 3,7, 4,7 eller 5,7 m.

Max. log weight in its standard configuration: 1200 kg

Effective sawing capacity: 3–4 logs per hour.

Accessories: All F2, M8 and F1 accessories are compatible.


Weight 144 lbs
Dimensions 236 × 24 × 24 in


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