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Fox Forestry is a family owned forest management business located in Ellsworth, Maine. We specialize in forest management health and aesthetics. In addition to our forestry services, we offer natural forest products and lumber, and we have an extensive nursery! Contact us today to see how we can help you with your forest management services and we’ll show you what we can do!


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Forest Management

We start with a Forest Health Analysis, examining density levels, species composition, and health. We then create a detailed strategy to achieve your goals, incorporating tree thinning, pruning, cleanup, re-vegetation, and more.

Forest Products

We offer the landowner an opportunity to utilize wood harvested from their forest management plan directly on their property for their own use. We continuously explore innovative wood markets to utilize our forest management byproducts.

Nursery Services

Our greenhouses cultivate plants that are resilient to changing conditions, promote species diversity, and aid in the prevention of shoreline erosion. We utilize native species to promote forest health and achieve your forest management objectives.

Invasive Species

We offer landowners a solution for invasive species control for their land and forest. Controlling foreign or unwanted vegetation species requires knowledge and a variety of means to ensure a healthy property and forest that you can enjoy for many years.


a few words about FOX

Fox Forestry was born from a passion for the amazing natural beauty of our forests, and a desire to both preserve that beauty while allowing our friends and neighbors to enjoy their own forested land responsibly.

With years of experience, extensive education, and a knack for recognizing the best ways to ensure forest strength and longevity, Fox Forestry is here to help you create the forested property of your dreams!

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The team at Fox Forestry is comprised of industry experts with years of experience managing forests, shorelines, and invasive species.



With care and professionalism we provide solutions that last for years, and plans to make sure your forest needs are up to your standards.



Proper forest management doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer fair and reasonable prices for our professional experience.

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